What's DOG spelled reverse?

Hostile und Waters entertainment
- Chinchillah demogroup (Sneaky Chinchillas)

Tech Info Stuff
Genesi EFIKA 5200B in radio case built by htn
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  • Portable design with internal PSU
  • Aborted due to overheating issues
  • Case scrapped

Samsung R70 "Black Aura" und Slackware 12.0
Genesi EFIKA 5200B in STB case built by htn
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  • ATi Radeon 9200se (AGP)
  • HITACHI 80 GB 2.5" ATA drive
  • 90 Watt ATX PSU
  • IR receiver/transmiter
  • Video connectors: VGA, DVI, S-VHS, Composite, RGB
  • Audio connectors: Aux in, Headphones
  • Switches: AC, PAL/NTSC
  • Buttons: Power (x2), Reset, Sleep, Volume (x2, inactive)
  • LED indicators: red (power), blue (hdd), red, green

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What's DOG spelled reverse?
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